Friday, April 16, 2010

The Most Excellent Way

Because I love you,
     I give you all the time you need;
     I search for new ways to make you smile;
     I am thankful for every good thing in your life—even the ones I can't enjoy.

Because I love you,
     I am honest in our relationship;
     I can admit my mistakes and my shortcomings;
     I feel inspired to be the best version of myself—with you and with everyone else.

Because I love you,
     I share my belongings and my time;
     I focus on the big picture when problems arise;
     I am able to forgive you when you hurt me—as many times as it takes.

Because I love you,
     I choose right over easy;
     I have a foundation of joy that no hardships can destroy;
     I put up with all of your quirks and flaws—just like you put up with mine.

Because I love you,
     I have faith in you;
     I hope for a beautiful future filled with adventures and joy;
     I fight the darkness in this world with you by my side—and I'll never give up.

(I recently wrote this poem for some friends. It's loosely based on 1 Corinthians: 13, my favorite passage.)

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