Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Countless people, both young and old, have been captivated by the story of Superman. What would it be like to be the Man of Steel? How would it feel to be able to fly, to have superhuman strength, or to use x-ray vision? But most of all, I think, we want to know what it would be like to be indestructible, immune to violence and sickness. How would we live if we had no fear of getting hurt?

The trouble is that we get hurt all the time. We are the victims of misfortunes great and small, of accidents, violence, and disasters. We suffer pain, and we can die. We'd much rather be indestructible like Superman. Many people will ask why God would leave us here so unprotected if He truly loves us. Why does God allow such painful things to happen to us? Why does He not protect His faithful servants from the pain and suffering of this world? How could God go on letting his beloved children suffer and die this way?

There's more than one variety of indestructibility, however. Let us consider some other science fiction examples—namely Wolverine from the X-Men comics and Claire Bennett from the TV show Heroes. Wolverine and Claire are also indestructible, but it's not because they're immune to injury like Superman. Instead, they have regenerative capabilities that allow them to heal from practically any injury. They can be bludgeoned, shot, and stabbed, but they still don't die. Instead their bodies miraculously heal themselves leaving not so much as a scar behind.

I believe that this is the kind of indestructibility that God offers us. We are not immune to pain and injury, but God has given us the power to heal from any wound, physical or psychological. I'm not saying that we're going to heal within 30 seconds like Wolverine or Claire, but eventually it will happen. Yes, we may live with lifelong suffering, and we may even die painful deaths. But death isn't the end. Our Earthly lives are just the beginning of a long and joyful existence, and when we get to Heaven, God will wipe every tear from our eyes. Whatever wounds are left unhealed at our death will be cured as we pass into eternity, and then nothing will ever be able to hurt us again.

So to those who ask why God allows us to suffer, I would answer that He does not do so idly. After all, we let our own children experience life even though it means they're likely to get hurt sometimes. We are not callous for doing so, and we are there to comfort our children and take care of them when life's bumps and bruises come along. Likewise, God has not abandoned us to suffer in a cruel world. He is here among us to comfort us in our suffering and to help us heal from every wound that life delivers. There is nothing in existence that can give us an injury that God cannot heal. Like Claire and Wolverine, we will regenerate, even if it does take some time. Our souls are eternal, and God has made them indestructible.

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