Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Only God

There are a lot of really special people in my life whom I love dearly. Each of them adds something unique to my life, and I am a better, happier, and more complete person because of their love and contributions. Still, if I am being realistic, I must realize that no matter how much I love all of these people (or how much they love me), none of them is perfect. There isn't one person in this world upon whom I can depend completely, 100% of the time, in any situation. Every person I love will eventually fail to be there for me at a time when I feel I need them, and each of them will hurt me now and then through mistakes or even small bouts of selfishness. In fact, I will also wrong them from time to time, and there will be a bit of sadness to punctuate the happiness in our relationship.

As good and loving as my friends and family members are, they just aren't perfect. Because of that, they will sometimes fail me. These occasional hurts do not mean that our relationships are worthless. I highly value the times that my loved ones do come from me and the joyful moments when they exceed all of my expectations. Still, knowing as I do that they cannot say and do the right thing every time, I need to have a back up plan. If I cannot count on the people I love most to have my back every time I get into trouble, then upon whom can I depend? As a Christian, I believe that is precisely the reason I need God.

God is the only friend I have who will always have the right answer, always act in my best interests, and always be there no matter what happens. God's patience cannot be warn out by my mistakes, and God will not be swayed by the weak (and sometimes sinful) human emotions to which my friends, family, and I fall prey. God is never too busy to listen to my struggles or too fed up with my pathetic humanity to be sympathetic. He loves me even when I'm being unlovable, and He knows what's best for me even when the situation seems convoluted to everyone else.

Sometimes I will have to be alone in this world, and then I must be able to rely on God. Even if all the people I love and cherish are powerless to help me, God will be my help. As much as these people love me, God can do what they cannot, and that is why I love Him first and above all. I have many loved ones, and I cherish them all—but I have only one God.

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