Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dealing with the Mundane

My life is miraculous for several reasons:
  • I was created by a loving God who knows me inside and out and who cares about me. Though I am one of millions, I am not an anonymous speck in an uncaring universe. I am known and loved.
  • My life is not an exercise in blind chance. God has given me a destiny and a future. He has a plan for my life and gives my existence meaning.
  • I have been forgiven from my sins and will not have to pay the price for my foolhardy and wayward choices. God sent His beloved son to atone for my sins and to lead me back to salvation, and so I have been rescued, just like a princess in a fairy tale.
  • God has put many wonderful people into my life, without whom I would doubtless be lost. He has also given me specific talents, tools, and resources that allow me to reach my true potential.
This list could go on, but you get the idea. The world around us is full of miracles—trees that bud in springtime, serendipitous encounters, inexplicable medical recoveries, and helpful intuitions. Sometimes I wonder why I don't always find myself in constant delight, like a child in an enchanted forest, when I consider all the amazing things that God makes possible in my life and throughout the world. And yet, sometimes these ordinary miracles seem dull, and my life—inspired though it may be—seems like a boring trudge through the mundane.

Objectively, it is true that my life is simultaneously both ordinary and wonderful. Even though all of the miracles I listed above are real, I still have a relatively tame daily routine. There doesn't seem to be anything all that miraculous about things like brushing my teeth, cleaning my house, cooking dinner, or going to work. That's because I do these things all the time, so they bore me. There are other people who would consider fresh water, a sturdy roof, healthy food, or a steady job nothing short of a Godsend. Boredom is inevitable for all of us, no matter what type of life we lead, because each of us has to deal with repetition.

Just because I get bored sometimes doesn't mean my life stinks. All the people I might think have it better than I do—rich, beautiful, talented, or adventuresome people—still get bored the same as I do. Everyone has to deal with things that seem mundane, but those things don't have to detract from the miracles in our lives. The miracles I listed at the beginning of my post may seem ordinary, but they're still miracles. Likewise, I may get bored of my job or tired of cleaning my house, but my job and my house are still blessings in my life. I don't have to feel dissatisfied with my whole life just because I have to deal with boredom sometimes.

My life isn't over, and God has more surprises in store for me. I'll always have routines and chores that I would rather live without, but there will always be miracles and joy in my life too. Therefore, whenever I find myself getting grumpy about the mundane parts of my life, I need to remember the miracles and blessings too. They make my life worth living, boring parts and all.

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