Thursday, January 7, 2010

Belonging to God

As a Christian, I call myself a child of God. I believe that God created me and designed me specifically to be me. I also believe that God has claimed me through the sacrifice of His Son, that I was marked as God's own at my baptism, and that I have willingly accepted my place in God's family. I belong to God because He wants me and also because I want to be with Him. That's a pretty heady concept, so it can be a little complicated to think about what belonging to God actually means in my life. To help me examine this, I've compiled a short (and incomplete list) of what belonging to God means to me.
  • I am never alone. Honestly, I believe that God is with all people whether they believe in Him or not, but it makes a big difference that I consciously realize that God is with me. When I feel lonely or friendless or afraid, I don't have to feel like one tiny mortal out against the whole world because God is right there with me. I have a friend, ally, and confidant no matter where I might find myself.
  • I am loved. Even if no single person on this planet cares a thing about me, belonging to God means I am still cherished by someone very special. God knows my name and my personality. He likes spending time with me and wants to keep me with Him forever. I am precious in His sight. No matter what happens to me, even if I am caught up in worldly violence or natural disasters, God will seek me out and find me. God is willing to sacrifice for me and to work for my good.
  • I have something to live for. My life has meaning because I live it for God. Even if I am incapable of leaving behind a legacy of success, benevolence, or wealth, I still have the power to make a difference by sharing God's love with others. Following God means living up to my true potential and maximizing my impact on the world. Even if my good works are small, they have meaning because God has given me and my efforts a purpose.
  • I don't have to fear death. We humans know that our lives are finite and we often worry about our own mortality. We wonder about what would happen "if tomorrow never comes." Well, if I belong to God, then I'm never going to run out of tomorrows. I can live each day to its fullest without worrying about the future. Even when I die, my soul will live on. When my loved ones die, there is a very real chance that I will get to see them again in Heaven. (That's up to them, of course, but I serve a benevolent God who will strive to keep them with Him.)
  • I'm part of a bigger picture. I am just one small human, and I don't have to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders—God's taking care of that for me. I don't have to be some kind of superhero because God is already in charge of saving the world. Being a normal person is OK, because God is making sure that my contributions are being integrated into a greater whole, and that gives meaning to the small things that I do. A lot of other people besides me belong to God, and that's a good thing. We're all in this together, so I don't have to feel the pressure of being God's extra-special child or something. I have lots of brothers and sisters, and God loves us all and doesn't put shattering expectations on any of us. 
Realizing that I belong to God helps me feel free to just be me. Because I belong to God, I don't have to live for others and make myself a slave to their opinions. Because I belong to God, I don't have to worry about what will happen to me. Because I belong to God, I don't have to wonder if my entire existence is pointless. Being with God is a pretty good stress reliever. I am really grateful not only that I belong to God, but also that I know I do.


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nice post. thanks.

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Posted this to my page and linked. very nice!! <3

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