Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This is a day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it! (Psalm 118:24)

Joy is supposed to be a part of my everyday life. It's not reserved for my best days or extraordinary circumstances. Joy is more than happiness and steadier than good times. For me, joy is a recognition of the light that permeates the darkness in this world. Even when times are tough, I know that good triumphs over evil, and that's something to celebrate. Nothing, no matter how evil or painful, can take away the fact that I will be loved and blessed every day of my life, so I will rejoice!

There are so many small yet profound moments in my daily life that foster my joy. I don't need a momentous occasion in order to have something to celebrate. For example:
  • I can see healing and hope in the lives of some loved ones who have been suffering. I will rejoice!
  • I look in the mirror and have a reasonably positive self-image these days. I will rejoice!
  • This weekend I got to hang out with friends and enjoy some lovely weather. I will rejoice!
  • I am in the best shape of my life, and consequently I can do physical tasks that I had trouble with only a year ago. I will rejoice!
  • This morning I woke up knowing that God was with me. I will rejoice!
  • I get to sing some really beautiful music with my choir for our upcoming Christmas concert, and it moves me to really appreciate the wonder of the season. I will rejoice!
  • My husband missed some work and lost some pay because he had the flu for a week, but he's recovered and we still have more than enough money to get by. I will rejoice!
  • Even when I don't get to eat all of the foods I want (because I'm trying to watch what I eat) the food I do eat still tastes really good to me. I will rejoice!
  • Every time I smile at someone, I get a chance to brighten that person's day. I will rejoice!
This is just a small sampling that I rattled off in a few minutes. I have hundreds of reasons to rejoice every day. Through the ups and downs, I know that I am loved and blessed, and that's so wonderful. How can I not rejoice? There is a lot of darkness in this world. I know that. But that doesn't diminish the beauty and the wonder of the light. Praise be to God!

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