Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gifts from God

As a Christian, I understand that God loves me and has blessed me abundantly. But as a human, God can seem like a more distant part of my life. The gifts from my human loved ones can seem so much more real because they are right there in front of my face. God's blessings are often so much bigger and broader, things that encompass my entire existence and can therefore get lost among more trivial daily details. Sure, God has given me eternal life through the sacrifice of Jesus, but it can be hard to focus on that in everyday life. Luckily, the future is only one of many gifts that God has given me. God has blessed me with all sorts of things that are part of my mundane daily existence so that I can remember how much He loves me. These tokens of God's love include:
  • My body. That might seem kind of obvious, but without this body I couldn't experience life on Earth. With my body I can experience the world and move through it, and I have the freedom to do and be many different things. My body has all kinds of unique qualities that make me different from everyone else so that I can feel special. God cared enough to customize me, and He sees me as one of a kind, not a mass-produced drone.
  •  Creation. God gave me an environment in which to live. He gave me mountains to climb and oceans to sail and stars to stir up my imagination. He's given me a world that can provide food and shelter and challenges to help me grow. 
  • Talents. I have special talents that were given to me by God. I have the ability to express myself well through writing, and I have a creative imagination that provides me with topics to write about. I have a good singing voice and the ability to entertain and touch others through song. I have good organizational skills and the ability to process information. I have many more talents, both known and unknown to me, that allow me to relate well to others or to accomplish tasks more easily and successfully.  
  • The Holy Spirit. I have a constant companion who helps me when I need to make difficult decisions and supports me when I feel weak. The Holy Spirit talks to God for me when I can't figure out what to say, and it coaches me on what to do when I'm not sure how to make our relationship better. I don't have to face any challenge alone, because God has given me the Holy Spirit to help me live up to my true potential.
God is constantly giving me all kinds of gifts in my daily life. I can find God's love in serendipitous encounters, lucky chances, or seemingly random blessings. God is helping me to succeed in my endeavors and is blessing my fruitful interpersonal relationships. He has certainly given me many good gifts!

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